Kids 'n' K9s - Dog Safety Scheme - Lottie’s School for Dogs

Our Kids 'n' K9s Dog Safety Scheme is aimed at helping children learn how to act around dogs and to learn some canine body language in order to remain safe around them. 

Dog bites to children often occur because warnings went unrecognised and unheeded so the dog escalated its warning to a bite. 

Through visiting schools and working with children we have not only helped children to learn when to avoid approaching a dog, when it is okay to approach a dog and how to do so safely, and what to do in the event of a dog jumping up at them, but we have also helped children who were previously very afraid of dogs to feel more confident around them. 

We have also learned a lot through these visits, including what makes children approach dogs that aren't safe to approach so that we can help to target that specifically and to teach them a more appropriate response. 

We have had brilliant feedback from our Kids 'n' K9s visits and have more coming up in the next few months.  

If you are a parent or a teacher, or a children's club leader, and would like to enquire about us visiting your school/club, please email us at:  


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