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About us

Our force free philosophy

At Lottie's School for Dogs we offer group and private training sessions for dogs right through from early puppyhood with no maximum age and 1-1 consultations for those experiencing problems with their dogs behaviour to help get you back on the right track and enjoying your dog again! 

We use force free behaviour modification protocols to provide long lasting results in the least stressful way possible for your dog. Motivating and rewarding training methods make training fun for you and your dog. No dog should suffer abuse in the name of training. 

Knowing that dogs (and people!) learn so much better when they're having fun, we keep our sessions as stress free as possible, limiting the number of dogs in a group session and refraining from the use of applied aversives such as yelling, hitting, leash jerking etc. We do not allow the use of choke, prong or e-collars in our sessions - but are not judgemental and if you wish to learn how to move away from these techniques, we are always more than willing to help! 

Furthermore, we have a duty of care not only to the dogs that we see, but to the people and we firmly believe that it is futile to use positive reinforcement on dogs and then not apply that same attitude to their humans. Therefore you too will experience a non judgemental attitude and patience when you train with us. 


Proud PPGBI Member

During 2015, Lottie was accepted into the Pet Professional Guild, British Isles as an accredited force free trainer.

To learn more about the PPG and what it is doing for dogs and their owners, you can follow this link:  Proud member


Who are we? 

Lottie originally founded 'Pawsitively Pets' in 2008 but recently decided to rebrand as the company has gone through many changes in that time and she felt it was time for a new start - so in August 2015 Pawsitively Pets became Lottie's School for Dogs. 

Lottie is the dog training instructor at the school and started off by shadowing other trainers, lots of home study and has studied correspondence courses with Alpha Education and Centre for Excellence. She regularly attends webinars, conferences and seminars and firmly believes in the importance of continuing to learn regardless of how much you already know. She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and continues to learn and aim for other accrediting memberships.

She spent a good while volunteering her time and skills at a rescue centre for dogs and in that time worked with many dogs at the centre as well as bringing some of them home with her for in-home training/fostering. Sadly, ill health meant that she had to stop doing this but she hopes to become involved with rescue again soon.

Lottie lives with her three dalmatians, two cats, and a crested gecko. As well as dogs and cats, Lottie has previously shared her home with rats, squirrels and various waifs and strays!


Katherine is Lottie's assistant at dog training classes and is a great help. She moved to Sheffield from Michigan and wanted to do some work with dogs. Katherine shares our force free philosophy and is always supportive and enthusiastic in class. 
At home Katherine lives with her partner and her little dog, Maggie. 


Kay is joining the team this summer as an assistant. She was previously a student at Lottie's School for Dogs and is very dog savvy. She is very keen to help make that training available to more people. 
At home, Kay lives with her husband, her two mini schnauzers, Evie and Parker, and Spangle the cat. 


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